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Every now and then it’s useful to know a client’s IP address. If you have ever wondered what your IP address is but were not quite sure how to...

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March 12, 2024, Written by 0 comment

Reported WordPress Vulnerabilities Continue to Increase

In the landscape of digital security, WordPress commands the stage as the most utilised content management system (CMS), powering a myriad of websites worldwide. This dominance, however, also places...

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March 7, 2024, Written by 0 comment

Critical Vulnerability in WooCommerce Payments Plugin Enables Site Takeover through User Impersonation

A security vulnerability has been discovered in the WooCommerce Payments plugin by Automatic that poses a severe threat to the security of online stores and it classified as critical...

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March 23, 2023, Written by 0 comment

Design and Run – Website Ditched Faster than a Hot Snot

All is going well. Your graphic designer or agency has put together your WordPress site based upon the lovely screenshots they put together at the beginning of the process...

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June 29, 2018, Written by 0 comment