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Design and Run – Website Ditched Faster than a Hot Snot

June 29, 2018, Written by 0 comment

All is going well. Your graphic designer or agency has put together your WordPress site based upon the lovely screenshots they put together at the beginning of the process and all is looking good… well almost. It turns out that the website is deadly slow for most users, it’s poorly set up for SEO, there is no SSL certificate, they don’t know how to update content, there are about a million plugins (free ones of course, insecure… and no longer updated by the developer) and it doesn’t really work that well on mobiles after all.

The reality is that some people selling web design services have very little technical knowledge… and why would they when they can buy a theme off Themeforest and get someone in India or the Philipines to get it up and running.

We recently had a company approach us who couldn’t work out how to update their site only to find out their site was in fact static html… not exactly ideal for updating their news section!