I Don’t Need WordPress – Make My Site Static

In Don't Want Wordpress Anymore Make My Site Static

I Don’t Need WordPress – Make Me A Static Site!

We love WordPress but realise it isn’t for everyone. If you run a small business and have a brochure site and you don’t have the time or resources to update a blog or make changes to your site then the chances are you don’t need a WordPress installation at all.

Let us scrape your website and replace it with a static version of the site.

  • No more WordPress Core or Plugin Updates
  • A Safer Website (no databases to infect)
  • No Need for a Maintenance Plan

Maybe WordPress seemed like a good idea at the time or you were missold it when all you needed was a simple site… now it all feels a bit like overkill.

The good news is if you have a small site the chances are we can quickly replicate it, leaving you WordPress free.

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